VTA is the only Australian owned and based global designer and engineer of ball valves for the most technically demanding industries.  Our products are used extensively in the following industries:
  • mining
  • petrochemicals oil and gas
  • pipeline
  • chemical
  • marine
  • power

VTA specialises in ball valve production and our core products include:
  • Ball valves up to 42” #600, split body and fully welded for temperatures of up to 200°C
  • Up to 12” #600 rated ball valves for temperatures of up to 425°C, trunnion and floating type
  • High pressure trunnion ball valves up to 12” #2500, as well as floating type up to 4” #2500

Our products are engineered to meet the needs of our customers in the most severe and complex conditions and provide tailored solutions for each individual circumstance and need.

Our products are backed up by our multi-disciplined team of engineers and specialists, experts who have the experience and know-how to meet the most demanding standards and solve the most complex issues.  Our team of experts has an average experience of 10 years in the design and manufacture of ball valves.

Our customers also have the comfort of knowing that all design and manufacture is done by VTA in our state of the art in-house manufacturing facility.  We control the end-to-end process which ensures that our customers receive the highest standards of precision and quality control at extremely competitive pricing.

VTA also specialises in:
  • Coating, overlays and welding
  • Testing, repair and servicing of any type of valve up to 42 inches and pressures up to 700bar
  • Project management

We also manufacture outside of our core range, simply tell us what you require and we will be able to provide the valve to meet those requirements.

At VTA we are expert in valve and pressure vessel design and production and refurbishment and servicing of these vital components.

If experience and expertise count to you talk to us and be confident that we will be able to take the pressure of you when it comes to valves.


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